Fully managed Accounting / Book keeping

We are happy to adapt to your existing manual or computer based systems or alternatively suggest suitable choices if not already in place. By preparing them properly this will help reduce the cost of using an accountant.

For those of you reading this who are completely new to business it is essential to keep book keeping clear and uncomplicated.

Single entry book keeping uses only income and expenditure recorded primarily in a revenue and expense journal.

Double entry book keeping is a system of financial accounting where each transaction is recorded in at least two accounts where at least one account is credited and another is debited. It is a self balancing systems which provides built in checks to ensure the records are accurate.

A computerised systems can save a lot of time - for example repeat transactions can be set up to recur at regular intervals. We use Quickbooks or Sage so you do not have to provide your own software. Alternatively Excel is suitable for some businesses.

We will records sales invoices and all your purchases and expenses. Where appropriate we can set up customer and supplier account. At the end of the year we then balance the books and produce a Trial Balance to assist with end of year reporting.

To do accounting and book keeping properly robust systems need to be in place for a strong paper trail - Bank statements, Credit card statements, Cheque books, Paying in books, Purchase invoices and Cash Receipts all need to be retained.

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